Liam Brex is wonderful. They have tremendous expertise and are great people. We had a fabulous experience and will definitely work with them again!
— Shontell D., Remodel
Simply put, our home would not be as amazing as it is without the support from Liam Brex! Lisa, Amy & Mia were not only professional, knowledgeable and organized but also loads of FUN to work with. Their passion for helping bring a homeowners dream to life by creating a space that is a mix of function and aesthetics is truly what they bring to the table more so than any other company could offer. It’s a 1 stop shop for building a new home. From assistance in reviewing architectural plans to help with cabinetry, lighting, tile, plumbing, etc. we couldn’t have gone through the process as seamlessly (nor been as happy with our home) without Liam Brex.
— Megan S., New Construction
The talent and creativity at Liam Brex is outstanding! They understand the value of service and are respectful of my time and interests. Even better, they were fun to work with and I loved the process!!
— Colleen C., Remodel
Liam Brex remodeled my kitchen, laundry, back foyer and powder room.
They did a great job! They were able to understand what I liked and use their expertise and style to make everything look wonderful. They were fun and easy to work with. They had great ideas for everything. They were always available, even for the smallest questions. I would work with them over and over again!
Thank you Liam Brex!
— Dawn S., Remodel
Very talented in all aspects of design, function, and creativity! Her addition to our team brings tremendous value to our clients during the building process and all years in their home! A priceless asset to our team!
— Amy S., Builder
We have worked with Liam Brex for many years and done numerous projects with them. They provide their clients with exceptional service and incredible designs. They stay on top of current trends while providing lasting designs that will stay relevant for many years to come. We would recommend them to anyone in the market for a great design and an excellent experience.
— The Hampshire Company